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Search engine optimization (SEO)

Any SEO strategy is mainly based on two different techniques. On page SEO and off page SEO, on page SEO is what you do/how you built your website and off page SEO is what you do outside of your website in regards to get recognition for your website.  

On page SEO

Our on page SEO strategies are aligning with three main factors;



This is the language/code that used to create the website. On the code it's important that titles, descriptions, structure and headings are crated in a way that search engines understand.



Architecture refers to how the website being built. This includes security, speed, mobile friendliness and url structure.



Contents that are rich, in depth, unique, informative and focused on keywords are ranked higher by search engines.

Off page SEO

Off page SEO simply means links (backlinks) that are pointed towards your website from an external website. For an example your business Facebook page that contains your website address is a backlink. 



Trust level of a back links define by domain authority. Websites like social media sites have high domain authority. Our off page SEO strategy built around building links from high authority domains.



Back links built from trusted sites increases Google ranking significantly. Our off page SEO strategy involves building such link from highly reputed websites.

Pay per click (PPC) campaigns

Pay per click campaigns (PPC) or search engine marketing (SEM) refers to marketing your products on search engines. You market your products according to the keywords your prefer and you bid against them with your competitors. 

Generally search engine already defined a per click value for keywords and if you agree to spend that value and your advertisement comes up on the top. The value of the keyword is defined by the competition and demand for that particular keyword. 

Google ads

Google is the most used search engine in the world and businesses spend billions of dollars an year on marketing on it. 
Google ad words provide the capability of targeting your audience based on demographics such as age, gender, geographic location etc. So Google advertisements are highly powerful and effective marketing tool.

Social media marketing

Facebook ads

More than one billion users on Facebook make it's a very powerful marketing tool. Facebook provides businesses the ability to buy targeted ads based on users interests, pages they like and people they are connected with.

And also it provides the tools like Facebook pixel to measure the performance of the advertisements.

Instagram ads

Instagram is the world's largest photo sharing platform in the word, with more than one billion unique users on Instagram it is becoming the most popular social media platform in the world.

Instagram business pages as well as paid advertisements are very effective way of advertising your products and services.

YouTube ads

On YouTube more than one billion monthly visitors watch more than four billion hours of videos, YouTube is by far the world's largest video site.

On YouTube businesses can place ads that play before a video (pre-role) and create banner advertisements on top of videos.

Email marketing compaigns

Email marketing is a personal channel. It works well when it is personalized and needs to be tailored to individual customer needs. 

Email marketing often used on the customers you’ve acquired through your other marketing channels. So marketing emails often targets to engage with your customers and retaining them. 

It is important to engage with your customers as often as possible to let them know your new products/services and your existence. 

We user tools like Mail Chimp in our email marketing campaigns and get in touch for a customize solution.