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Why your business needs a website?

7 Reasons Why Your Business Needs A Website​

1. It's Up 24x7 365 Days

All though your business doors close at 5 pm or completely shutdown on the weekend, your website is up all the time. Website is like a watchdog that stand in guarding your business all the time. it’s an advocate that represents your business all Though you’re physically not operating. 

2. 97% Of People Research About Products Online Before They Buy

Researches Proven That 97% Of Customers Research About The Product Online Before They Buy Them. Hence Online Presence Means That Customers Have More Visibility About Your Products And Services.  Statistics Shows One Third Of Worlds Population Are Now Online Shoppers. In April 2020 5.2m Australian Household Shopped Online, Which Is An Increased Of 6.8% From December Last Year (Source Australia Post E-Commerce Industry Report 2020)

3. It's Organic Traffic

Website Visitors Means Organic Traffic To Your Business. More Traffic Means More Leads And More Leads Means More Sales And More Revenue. Put As Much Information As You Could Possibly Can On Your Website And Update Them Regularly. Use Your Website To Keep In Touch With Your Audience (Customers). Not Only Website Will Bring Your More Potential Customers, A Facility That Collects Customer Details (A Subscription Service That Will Collect Customer Emails) Will Help You For Future Email Marketing Campaigns. And Also Google Will Repay You With More Traffic For Your Rich And Up To Date Content.  So Make Sure Your Website Is SEO Optimised.  

4. Branding for your business

Website Is A Branding Tool For Your Business. You Can Display Your Business Cards, Brochures, Logos And All The Other Kinds Of Branding Contents On Your Website. This Will Give Your Business A More Professional Look. 

5. Full Control

Some Social Media Sites Have Limitations On How Many People Can Like Your Post And How Many Times You Can Make Posts On A Day. And Those Rules Change Constantly. Having Your Own Website Simply Means You’ll Run Your Online Marketing On Your Terms, You Have The Full Authority To Publish Content Whatever And Whenever You Wish.  

6. Cost Effective Way Of Marketing

Having a website is one of the best cost effective ways of modern internet marketing. unlike other digital marketing strategies, maintaining a website is way cheaper than advertising on social media or google.  you can direct your social media followers to your website and simply market your product and services on the website. to build a website these days Doesn’t cost as much compared to social media marketing. 

7. Credibility and Convenience for the customers

Online presence make your business more credible and reliable. By displaying customer testimonials and reviews on your website, make your business more legitimate and trustworthy. Researches show that customers tend to consider reviews on business websites rather than on customer review sites. One of the best reasons why online shopping growing popularity is the convenience. Clicking few buttons are 100 times more easy, faster and convenient for the modern customer. 

Having Business Website Brings You Hundreds More Benefits Than Mentioned Here. Running A Creative, Attractive And Informative Website Shows Your Creativity, Presence In The Market That Will Attract More Customers And Make More Revenue. A Business Website Is A Money Making Machine If You Use It Wisely. A Website Is A Cleaver, Sensible Investment That Will Pay Itself Over Time With Great Dividends. 

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